Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog No.5: Is gender really matter?

        There is a rule in China that parents can't be told a baby's gender through the ultrasound. It's legal to have an abortion in China mainland. There were Chinese couples who decided to not have an unborn baby, because the gender of the baby was not what they expected.
        Personally, I don't want to have a child, there's nothing maternal inside my body. I can't even play with pets. When I hold a baby, I must be terrified, because I am so afraid of that I am going to break his or her bones. However, if I have no choice, I would prefer to have a girl. First, I will not have to worry about her marriage. Almost 10-20 percent men can't find wives in general, because the number of men are way too much more than women. Second, she will have all my clothes, well, vintage clothes if she wants. Last, I will not randomly have a grandchild from some hot cheerleader. I will teach my daughter everything about safe sex and the exact the name of every part of body.
        Parents want their babies to be the gender they want, so they might abort the baby after they know the gender. Many people accuse that is an unmoral behavior as parents and human being. But abortion is more moral than having the baby and abandon the baby. If parents abort the baby, the baby will not suffer all the feeling of abandon, then the baby become an orphan. In the other situation, parents may not raise the baby for the best, that also is not humanistic.
         We can assume that people like boys more than girls because boys have more strength than girls. In some places are focusing on heavy duty industry, such as agriculture, the parents prefer to have more boys for increasing family income by helping with the work. In China, some very conservative people think that once daughter get married, she is a family member of others that they raised this daughter and never get pay back. They assume that to have a daughter is not profitable.
         As women got rid of all that crazy huge dress and wore a pair of pant, the social status has been changed entirely.
We are not just the roles in out family,
we are not just wives who cook and clean.
We are the members of society,
we can have a job to show our value.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog No.4: Chinese traditional Spicy Food Gives You A Better Body.

       It was very challenging for a small young lady came to Canada to start a whole new life. Especially when they left their parents and try to learn everything that they were not familiar with, such as cooking, run the errands for those paper work and do their best for heavy lifting furniture to put them together. In this situation, they can barely recognize themselves, not mention the traditions we’d like to keep. The only tradition they kept is the food, traditional food. I am from China mainland, Beijing actually. Personally, I appreciate the most features of Canadian society.        
Because of those traditions are quite controversial and sensitive, I’d like to talk about the food. There are few features of Chinese foods: it costs time to well-prepared, there’re tons of recipes and it’s not that high fat. Also, the biggest one feature I am crazy about is spicy food, real spicy, that gets your tear out and get sweaty, not those Thai spicy or Indian spicy, and not the spicy food you tried in Cantonese restaurants.
Spicy food functions variable. It helps people to get rid of emotional tension, and it does have the same effect with sauna. People live in cold region, such as Canada, could use spicy food to transpire coldness after the dinner when you get sweaty and excited. Additional, spicy food helps blood flow more fluent which decrease cardiac diseases. For the most important, spicy food accelerates metabolism and burn calories faster, which could improve the obesity people in Canada. (Image resource)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Assignment Blog No.3: Wedding Is NOT Always That Fancy.

         Most of people, well especially young girls, expect wedding, either to attend one or to have one. When I clicked the “PLAY” button, I was expecting an entertainment movie like one of the funny American movie. Apparently, The Monsoon Wedding reflects something behind the wedding, not very pleasant, but it’s crucial for family getting together.
       Honesty, a word we spend lots of time to try to be.
       Actually I really don’t like the bride. I think she was selfish, obsessed with unavailable man and not strong enough to finish her last relationship. That’s kind of woman I am so ashamed of! But she was not that bad, she got courage to tell her fiancé the dirty reality, only because she was frustrated about her affair and almost got caught by cops when they were making out. What a shame! The bride used her fiancé to be her backup. Lucky for her, her fiancé appreciated her “honesty”, and lived in an American style which could joke about his fiancée was still screwing up with her unavailable ex-boyfriend. But he finally decided to forgive her. Oh, good for you, groom! Otherwise the bride would go to hunt another unavailable man.
       Compared to the bride, I love Ria the most. She was strong, brave and pursuing her self-achievement. She was not that kind of girl who can’t live without men. She did something else, such as, to pay attention to her families and do her best to protect them from getting hurt. That showed in two things. One is when Ria noticed that the bride was not that focusing on her own wedding, she went to talk to the bride and gave her the biggest comfort, and didn’t judge. Ria did not just comfort the bride, she also supported the bride’s decision, she respected other people’s lives. Another is when Ria found out her uncle was sexual abusing Aliya like a toy just like what he did for her, she was totally pissed off. Ria yelled on the rehearsal and bravely accused her uncle. I think the reason she did this because she was trying to tell everyone uncle’s dirty laundry and stay away from that nasty man. Because of Ria, her two family members became stronger and gave that nasty uncle a big boot.
       Frankly, I don’t want to talk about the India thing about the movie, I just tell what I fell about those characters. I hate the bride and I like Ria. I like the movie.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assignment Blog No.2: Being Honest About Your Sex

      After I browsed the website, Times of India, I truly discovered I still don’t like the political, financial and sports news. And when I looked at the Life and Style, I realized that it was my thing!
      SEX! It’s all about sex in the Relationship button. I think it’s great. Honesty is a good way to talk about sex, and it’s the least awkward way to share your problems. Somehow, it really impresses me, and even breaks my silly impression about India, or the “old” India. I thought the old India was very sexual depressed. People were so scared to talk about sex, and trying to hide it in the deepest part of their lives. (Actually that sounds like the old China.) And now, the major press gives people a great opportunity to share and answer some questions about sex, even improve their qualities of sex lives.
      The positive thing is that being honest about sex life helps us to get away of sexual diseases. From my opinion, for instance, so many parents try to prevent their children, especially daughters, from having sex lives too young. That is not because they think their daughters are not emotionally ready blah blah blah… The most important reason is that their bodies have grown healthily enough to keep their bodies from getting germs during sex. Many young girls get cervical erosions for having sex lives too young, which is a fat chance to worsen into cancer.
      In the other word, health is the priority of sex instead of pleasure. But most of people used to focus on pleasure, especially unmarried people. Now there are tons of articles that talking about healthy sex with the greatest pleasure we can get, I think that’s a huge step.
      In the Men-Women sections, except of sex, there are many articles about self-well-being both physically and mentally in relationships and marriages. Dumped? Get over it! This is a piece about how can we recover our emotions after an ugly breakup, and it even helps to analysis whether you are a dumper or a dumpee. Actually it’s quite interesting. Pieces like Honey, why don’t you pay, really discovered how a couple should pay in their dating routines.
With humorous words, every piece is worth to read. There’s nothing to be shamed, not only about sex, especially in a relationship. (I guess I was going to write “marriage”, and I though, wait a second, I may know about relationships, but what I know about marriages?!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It’s about time to grab your drinks and enjoy the music with me.

       Frankly, I can’t understand the lyrics of most of songs from the blog subject material. Maybe my English is not good enough now, but I can still feel the emotion about how people try so hard to find their true love by those fluent melodies. Well, that totally makes sense: music doesn’t have any languages. (Is that another silly Chinese way I am using to write in English? A moral sentence?)
There’s one song I really like particularly, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Somehow, it does remain me of those classic black-and-white movies. Here’s the picture from my mind: an old man who is sitting in the couch and listening to this fabulous song, suddenly he remembered that there was a woman who really loved this song, and they shared a beautiful memory about their old love, but unfortunately their relationship didn’t work out and spilt up; years after year, old men’s daughter asked how he felt about this relationship, and he said: “I was just a fool in love.” Honestly, I don’t know if that picture is silly and tacky for anyone else, but it just came out. Or, maybe I’ve watched too much TV.
       Also, there are a few of Indian songs certainly impressed me. Those songs with typical Indian tunes and choreographic beats bring me to an Indian club. Men are shaking their shoulders, women are twisting their arms to build an attractive curve, and the shinny beads from women’s saris reflect the light from the limelight. Personally, I have attended to an Indian dancing class which was a great opportunity to embrace the Indian culture. Those fluent movements and the delightful sounds from accessories that tied on my waist by shaking my body were really excited me. Even though I could barely follow the coach and still moved awkward in my sweaty costume, the song, O Zindag, brings me back to that valuable experience.
       Now, I guess you’ve already finished your drinks after those catchy songs, why don’t we get rest. Hopefully I didn’t bore you. 

(Hers's a picture of Indian dance. Oh, look those saris, is there a girl who doesn't want a shinny dress like that?!)